Hi all.

 My question to you guys. Are you saving from your income esp salaried people? If yes then congratulations to you guys.but is it enough or you can save more.

Now i will write down some ways of spending where we can save more then we are saving. This is from my personal experience. Remember small changes can make huge differences.

Lets start from home appliances .

  • Are you using microwave oven daily because you are lazy to cook and use microwave instead. Stop using that. Use once in month 
  • Television – Have you ever noticed you have switched on TV but you are not watching because either you in mobile or laptop or talking to someone but not watching it .so what do you have to do.turn it  off buddy.

What about credit cards? 

Do you have ? How frequently are you using?  Credit cards are so beneficial if used wisely. Otherwise it is a mess.  Better pay cash instead using credit cards if you think you are always out of budget due to cards.

I m not going to write more about it because by reading it you will start thinking other ideas…..

So happy  saving…